Jay One-Shot
  • this took forever.
  • i’m sorry.
  • it’s also not very good.
  • or very long.
  • it’s shower sex though because of that photo. 
  • enjoy. 
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  • thanks in advance. <3

The music is pounding in your ears, the bass in your bones. People are being pushed into you. You’re not entirely sure how you got into this club, a drink in your hand, and your body on the dance floor. Maybe it’s just the fact that you’re missing Jay. Not that you’re looking for anyone, but it’s lonely in the apartment when you’re six hours away from him and he can’t even take the time to call you. And maybe Jay’s forgetful and maybe you’re a little angry and so maybe when the man behind you wraps his arms around you, you don’t bother to correct him. You just keep dancing, swaying to the beat with people pressed around you.

 It’s late when you stumble through the door; the music is still pounding in your ears and the beer is still coursing through your veins. The apartment is dark, empty, like you expect it to be. Your body is hot and sweaty and you’re far from tired so you make your way to the bathroom and turn on the shower to wash the night away.

 You haven’t really done anything bad, innocent dancing. But you still feel dirty. The hot water feels good against your skin.

The shower is fogged and the water is loud and you miss the sound of the bathroom door opening. The intruder steps in and shuts the door with a bang. You can hear him now, rustling around and your breathing is coming in short gasps.

The shower door is opening and you back against the cold, tiled wall. Jay steps in, looking at you with intense eyes. He lets the steam surround him as he corners you against the wall, his hands on either side of your head. The water drenches him and maybe on a regular night he would look ridiculous with his curls falling flat against his forehead, but tonight it just looks obscene. It’s been so long and you need this. Need him.

He leans in and you think he’s going to kiss you but he presses the entirety of himself against you and whispers in your ear - “you were out late tonight, babe”. His voice is taunting and harsh and low. You can feel his cock pressed against you, he’s hard and you know he’s getting off on this. This anger.

You’re both angry.

He goes to kiss you, not bothering with gentility as his pries you mouth open and twists your tongues together.

He reaches his hands down to your waist and grips you hard enough to leave bruises. You love it, love him taking control. He grinds himself into you and you moan into his mouth. He detaches his lips from yours and kisses down your neck, your hands claw at his back as he bites hard onto your collar bones. The water is pouring down his back and between your fingertips.

Jay kisses further down your neck, to your chest, to your ribs, to your hips. He sinks to his knees in front of you and kisses along your hips, nipping and sucking the skin there. You feel your legs shaking and his hands fly up to your thighs and wrap around them. He turns his head and sucks a mark onto the inside of your thigh before lifting the leg and putting it over his shoulder. Your hands fly to his hair, gripping it for balance as he throws your other leg over his shoulder. You cross them behind his head and his hands go to cup your ass and he moves his head closer to you so you can feel his breathe ghosting over you. He kisses you lightly, teasingly on your clit. Your hands tighten in his hair and pull him closer. Smirking up at you, he leans closer and licks a thick stripe up your center, swirling his tongue around your most sensitive part. You let your head fall back and hit the ends of the shower.

Jay looks up and you questioningly, you’re not sure what he’s asking but it doesn’t matter you nod your head anyways. He grips your ass tightly and flicks his tongue over your clit before standing up. And your head is almost hitting the ceiling and his arms and shoulders are the only thing supporting you as he goes to put his mouth back to you. Your hands reach to grab at his hair as he works his tongue into you. Your moans fill the room and mix with the steam. Your hands pull tighter on his hair and you can hear your own obscene sounds fill the room. Your legs are shaking on his shoulders and you’re so, so, close. Jay’s hands are still wrapped tightly around your thighs, so tightly, and you know they’ll be marks in the morning, but you don’t care. He let’s go of one of your legs and you have enough sense to hook it with your other so you don’t lose your balance. He moves his hand up to spread you out for his mouth and licks further into you. His hands are rough against your skin and his tongue is flicking inside you. You whole body is clenching and shaking and the water from the shower is spraying hot against your skin. And Jay is pressing hot against your skin, his curls waterlogged and plastered onto your thighs and his forehead, his mouth hot against you.

You’re so close, on the edge, shaking, desperate for release. And Jay is giving it to you with his mouth, and his fingers that circle your hole teasingly. You want to beg for him to give you what you need, but you can’t find the words. You’re drowning and you think it must be the water pouring down on you but it’s really your own pleasure.

Jay’s fingers have been teasing you for what seems like forever and his tongue has been circling you and you feel like you can’t breathe. Jay finally pushes his fingers into you, curling them up and pushing into a spot that makes you scream. Your fingers tighten on his curls and your back is sliding against the shower wall. His two digits pump into you, faster and harder and deeper at this angle. His mouth is sucking and licking and flicking. And you’re close, so, so close.

You can feel your muscles clench and your body gives out as your orgasm takes over, body arching frantically against the shower wall. Jay pulls his fingers out and grasps your legs, lifting you above his shoulders and placing you back on the ground. Jay pushes himself back up and grips your waist as you let yourself fall into his chest. Your hair is plastered against your skin and you are still shaking. He wraps his arms around you, turning off the water and kissing your head.

He pulls you both out of the shower and wraps you in a towel. Jay doesn’t expect anything in return and that’s nice, but you’d like to pay him back. Maybe tomorrow though because you can already feel yourself drifting off to sleep as jay lays you down in bed and wraps his arms around you. The last thing you feel are his rough hands rubbing circles into your bare hipbones and his light breathing on the top of your head.

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