Three Times The Charm


The music is loud, pounding through your ears. You sit at the bar, drink in hand, watching the crowd. The mass of people grind together in one smooth rhythm to the beat of the song. It’s a sweaty, dirty mess and you want no part in it- aren’t even sure why you let your friends talk you into coming. They’re all out on the floor, in the grinding mass of people. You declined their invitation politely when they’d asked, but now you can see them trotting over to you from the edge of the group.
“Come dance with us!”, your friends slur pleas towards you. They’re all drunk, which is fine because you are too. One of them, Caitlin, grabs ahold of your hands and pulls you off of the barstool you were perched on. You stumble in your hazy state and give in, following them to the floor.
They pull you into the center of the mass. You can smell sweat and cologne in the air and bodies are being pushed roughly against yours. You let yourself go, swaying to the music. Your friends are huddled in a group when a pair of hands wrap around your waist. You jump and go to pull away but the hands grip your waist tighter.
“You’re not trying to get away from me, are you”, a rough voice whispers in your ear. Against your better judgment, you let his hands remain around your waist. His breath is hot against your ear and his body is swaying behind yours and he’s waiting for an answer.
“Absolutely not”, you reply even though you know you should be. You’re not trying to get away anymore, not now that this stranger has pulled you against his chest, his body molding against yours and his big hands resting in your waist.
He’s not outrageously tall, You can feel him standing behind you, maybe a few inches taller. You’re not sure what he looks like but this dance your sharing with him is so sensual that you can’t find it in yourself to care. His hands are wrapped around your hip bones and his he leans down and attaches his lips to your neck. He lets them ghost over, almost as if he’s waiting for permission. You grant it to him by tilting your head to expose more of your sensitive skin. He sucks and bites and grinds against you and you don’t think you’ve ever been more turned on in your life.
You’re generally not someone who endorses one night stands, but you’ve been stressed lately and maybe this will help release some steam. Or maybe that’s your instincts talking; who cares.
The stranger takes his lips off your neck and spins you around so you’re facing him. You’re not disappointed. In front of you stands a gorgeous man, his hair is curly, but weighed down with sweat from dancing. He’s got a light beard and one of those big goofy smiles and shinning blue eyes. He’s wearing a shirt that says “Bearded for her pleasure” and you laugh really hard at that.
“I’m Jay”, he says and you remember you never introduced yourself. So you do. He smiles and you that you have a beautiful name.
You notice his eyes wander past you and wink and someone. Questioningly, you look up at him.
“There’s someone I think you might like to meet… If you don’t mind”.
You think it over for a moment before smiling up at him and nodding.
Jay waves his hand at the person behind you before flipping you around to face them. Out from behind the mass of people comes a shorter man. He doesn’t look at though he’s made for clubbing. He’s got on a red beanie and a matching striped sweater and you almost want to laugh because he looks so out of place. But he saunters up to you and meets your eyes and his are a beautiful blue-green and filled with lust and any thought of laughing is gone.
“I’m Nathan”, he says. And then he looks to Jay and smiles slowly, “I think I’d like to get out of here”. He’s clearly the smooth talker out of the two. You don’t complain, though, as Jay grips onto your waist and pulls you out of the club. You toss a look to one of your friends, who nods and laughs and turns away.
When you exit the building, the cool air hits you in a gust and nearly shocks you out of your nearly drunken state. You allow Nathan grip your hand and lead you to the car they came in. He opens the door for you and offers you a hand. You pull yourself into the car and move over to make room for Jay who slides in next to you. Nathan moves around and starts up the car, pulling out into the street.
Jay moves closer to you and rests his hand on your thigh, rubbing small circles into your skin. Shivering, you smile lazily at him. He returns your smile before letting his hand creep further up your leg to the hem of your dress.
“Jay”, you whisper as he inches further towards you. He laughs and ignores your warning.
He swipes one finger over your underwear and you shiver and let out a soft, breathless moan. Jay leans into your ear, “God you’re already so wet for me, for us if you want”, he whispers. Your body is shaking and he kisses up and down your neck before he pushes your underwear to the side and swiftly inserts one of his fingers into you. Your hands fly to find purchase, one gripping the seat the other his hair and your head falls back.
“Fuck Jay if she makes another noise like that I won’t be able to make it home”, Nathan’s voice comes from the front seat. It’s gotten deeper and more gravely, fuck.
Jay pulls his finger out half way before thrusting it back into you, slipping in another. His breath is hot against your neck and your fingers are tugging harshly at his curls. He curls his fingers upwards and thrusts them deeper, hitting you in a spot that makes your back arch and forces a moan to rip from your throat.
You’re lucky it’s only the three of you in the car. You’ll allow yourself to be completely unreserved for the night.
Nathan pulls the car into a parking garage and Jay retracts his fingers. The car door opens and Nathan offers you a hand, which you gladly take. You stumble and trip into his chest, clumsy with lust and alcohol. Nathan laughs and wraps his arms around your waist as he pulls you towards the building.
You’re not sure how you ended up in their apartment, and you don’t really care because as soon as Jay closes the door, Nathan’s shoving you up against a wall. He sinks to his knees before you and wraps his hands around his waste, lightly pushing your dress up so he can attach his lips to your hipbones. He sucks and bites and grips your waste. Your knees buckle and you feel yourself being pulled away from the wall just enough for jay to slip behind you. He moves his mouth to your neck and kisses up along your jawline. His curls are soft against your skin and you let out a breathless moan.
Nathan goes to pull your underwear down as Jay reaches for the hem of your dress and pulls it over your head. You’re completely exposed in front of them. Jay’s hands reach around to grasp your breasts, massaging them as he sucks harder at the junction of your neck and shoulder. Nathan places a kiss to each of your hip bones and lets his hands rub smoothly over your naked thighs. He places wet, sloppy kisses lower and lower until his breath is ghosting over your most sensitive spot.
Nathan stands up and pulls you away from Jay and the wall and towards what you assume to be the bedroom. You stumble behind him through the doorway and he tosses you onto the bed.
He goes to crawl into the bed, but you stop him, “Take those off”, you say pointing to the offensive material still on his body. Jay walks in and you tell him the same. Nathan throws off his shirt and pants, leaving him standing in nothing but he boxers. Jay rids himself off all his clothes, leaving him naked in front of you. You watch as hi walks over to you, his cock bouncing with his step. It would usually make you laugh, but your too turned on for it to seem funny. You move off the bed and walk over to him before dropping to your knees in front of him. You reach up and grasp the base of his dick before leaning in a blowing on the tip. His hands go to find purchase in your hair, pulling and making you moan.
“You like that, babe, like having your hair pulled. That’s naughty”, Nathan’s deep voice rumble from somewhere behind you and you shiver before enclosing the head of Jay’s cock in your mouth, swirling your tongue around. He pulls harder at your hair and thrusts his hips toward. You reach out a hand to steady him and lower yourself until his head is hitting the back of your throat, pumping what you can’t reach. He grunts above you and tries to thrust again, but your hands keep him still.
Suddenly, you’re being pulled off of Jay’s cock and into your feet.
“Fuck”, Nathan’s voice cracks as he flips you around and tosses you into the bed, “want you so bad, baby. Need you”. He sounds desperate and you haven’t ever been this turned on.
Nathan crawls on the bed and positions himself so that his cock is by your head. You reach over with a hand and grasp it, pumping it lightly and leading it to your mouth. His knees are on either side of your head and you lean up to try and fit him entirely in your mouth. Nathan groans and grasps the headboard as you swallow around him.
You’re so preoccupied, you almost miss Jay’s large hands tugging your legs apart. He leans in and kisses your thighs, inching towards your center.
Nathan is thrusting shallowly into your mouth, he’s falling apart above you. His mouth is slack and his eyes are screwed shut. You can tell he’s close, but before he can come he pulls out.
Your mouth feels bruised and stretched, but it’s good. Nathan lays next to you, tracing patterns over your stomach as Jay continues teasing your thighs. Nathan’s fingers glide up your stomach to circle your breasts, flicking at your nipple. Jay kisses the inside of your thigh before spreading your legs as wide as you can manage. His light beard ghosts over you and his mop of curly hair brushed the inside of your legs.
Nathan moves so his mouth can work on your breasts, tongue flicking and swirling around in patterns.
Jay leans in and kisses your clit before flicking his tongue out to circle it. Your head falls back against the bed and you let out a moan. Your hands seek purchase in Nathan’s hair who is continuously sucking love bites onto your upper body.
Jay’s scruff scratches at you as he reaches his fingers up to spread open your second pair of lips before thrusting his tongue inside you. You feel like screaming but when you open your mouth you can’t manage to make a noise. You grip Nathan’s hair tight and he groans and shivers.
Jay replaces his tongue with his fingers, thrusting them up and curving them slightly. You arch your back and grind back down into his head. His tongue sucks your clit, flicking and circling it. You’re so, so close. You feel like you might pass out. But right as you reach the peak, everything stops. Nathan and Jay pull away, looking at you with lustful eyes. Jay moves to position his cock in front of your entrance. He reaches down and grips your thighs, pushing them up as he thrusts into you. You dig your fingers in the sheets and arch your back. Jay is relentless, pounding into you, with your knees by your head. He pants above you, ringlet curls sticking to his forehead. Nathan is standing near your head and you reach out to wrap your hand around his bare thigh. His hand is pumping his own cock as he watches Jay fuck you into the mattress.
Jay’s thrusting becomes sloppy, erratic. He’s close, his lips are parted and he’s panting desperately. His hands dig into the bed beside your head and he snaps his hips once, twice, three more times before spilling inside you, moaning and burying his head into your neck.
He’s quick to pull himself off of you, making way for Nathan who places himself in between your legs. He positions his cock at your entrance. He rubs his head over your clit and you shudder and let out a quiet moan. Nathan leans down and presses a kiss to your thigh before pushing inside. He leans himself over your body as he thrusts into you. Your knees are still high, near your head. His face is close to yours, his eyes intense. You can feel yourself coming to an edge and you need more.
“Please harder, fuck” you beg, fingers gripping the sheets and he pounds into you. It’s hard and fast and soon you both reach the edge, your back arches and his head comes down to nuzzle your neck. He attaches his lips to your neck, biting and sucking as he lets the last of his load empty into you. When he’s finished, he rolls to the side, opposite Jay.
You’re all fucked out and exhausted and you pass out as Jay traces patterns in your stomach and Nathan plays with your fingers.

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